W/E Tri’s 2nd edition of the Monster Swim – 100’s Challenge


As many 100’s as you can handle on a fixed send-off time;
Base goal is 50×100. Keep going if you can. Go for a Personal Best!
Some might try to tackle 100x100s.


Sunday March 1st 2020, WIATC, 7:00 am.
Be on deck WELL BEFORE 7am.
Don’t make me be the one A-Hole trying to reserve 4 adjacent lanes by himself.
*Lanes are not rented; We rely on YOU arriving early to have side-by-side lanes.


  • No in-water warm-up; Dynamic stretching on dry land on the pool deck only
  • We get going right into the 100m’s on fixed send-off pace time
  • Should be all freestyle stroke (at least till 50 reps are completed)
  • A 5-10 min break at 50×100 is allowed for those that keep going after 50
  • Occasional/partial use of the pull boy is OK
  • NO lava shorts (neoprene shorts)


Please add your name on the DOODLE POLL and pick your send-off time.

We recommend you pick a lane where you get 10-15 seconds rest on a fresh 100 going at mod/steady pace; Consider the pool is in 50m configuration and therefore times are slower.

L1 = 1:50
L2 = 2:00
L3 = 2:10
L4 = 2:20
L0 = placeholder for “super humans” wanting a faster sendoff time than posted above